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Adam Martin

Adam's story comes from humble beginnings. Raised by his mother and grandmother, he grew up living in low-income housing in a red-lined community. Adam is running for Oklahoma House District 72 to be an advocate for hard-working Oklahomans led by his faith and love for our community.


The majority of Adam’s time growing up in Wagoner was spent as a student-athlete. Values of fair play, teamwork, and healthy competition color the man he is today. However, Adam’s story runs much deeper than that of a small-town star athlete.


As a child, Adam saw the world around him and wondered why some folks thrived while others struggled. When he visited friends, he saw how communities in Oklahoma live wildly different lives. His family worked hard for what they had, but the outcomes were wildly different. He felt that the world seemed rigged to benefit some communities over others. This sparked his early passion for law and politics which continues to this day. 


Adam worked two jobs to pay his way through college. It wasn’t enough. Juggling class, work, and tuition left him penniless and living out of his car. Where many would give up, Adam strengthened his resolve and fought to finish his education. His fortitude and work ethic, coupled with the support of dear friends, family, and the great Oklahoma State University made all the difference. Today, Adam is proud to call himself an OSU alum with a bachelor’s degree in history. He’s the first in his family to earn a degree.


Adam’s story ultimately connected him to the highest rung of power at the University. He was tasked to give speeches at the University on his story of perseverance. He made friends that a kid from Wagoner would never dream of having. Of course, Adam will never forget the belief the OSU community had in him. It was during that season of his life that Adam realized that it’s okay to ask for help. We all need that helping hand at times. He is committed to paying it forward in the service of his community. 


Adam’s integrity, compassion, and drive for justice are bolstered by his faith, work ethic, and belief in the good people of Oklahoma. He is living proof that the American dream is alive and well. He believes that it takes good people working together to do great work. He is running for the State House to work with YOU to make our state better than ever.

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