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Everyday I hear from Oklahomans like you and me, saying they don't have time to enjoy the simple things in life because they are too busy working to survive. 

By focusing on quality education, good jobs, and access to healthcare, we can improve the lives of every citizen. 


Common Sense
Gun Reform

  • Mandatory background checks on all gun sales

  • Close loopholes that allow domestic abusers to obtain a firearm

Handgun and  Ammunition
Pose at Protest

Women's Rights

  • Pro Choice

  • Women deserve the right to choose.

  • Men should not make decisions about women's bodies. 

  • Reproductive rights are human rights

  • I will actively work towards making sure Oklahoman's have access to the healthcare they need. 



  • Educators receive sensitivity training 

  • Offer safe and affirming places for our LGBTQIA2S+ youth.

  • LGBTQIA2S+ should be treated with dignity and respect in their communities, workplaces, and schools.

  • Advocate for our youth

  • Remain an informed ally.

Gay Pride
Doctor and Patient


  • Expand Medicare coverage to include dental, hearing, vision, mental health, substance abuse treatment, reproductive and maternity care

  • Cap what Americans pay for prescription drugs

  • Allow Medicare to negotiate fair drug prices

  • Paid 6 week maternity leave. 


  • Provide equitable funding for public schools

  • Provide year-round, free universal school meals, and incentivize locally sourced food

  • Rebuild and modernize our nation’s schools

  • End the unaccountable profit-motive of charter schools

  • Create new jobs in early childhood education

  • Expand early childhood education

  • Cap student loan interest rates

  • Guarantee tuition for two-year universities and trade schools

School Bus & Children
Man Welding


  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour

  • Establish protections against the firing of workers for any reason other than “just cause”

  • Deny contracts to companies that pay poverty wages, outsource jobs overseas, engage in union-busting, and deny good benefits

  • Eliminate “Right to Work for Less” laws

  • Guarantee the right to unionize for workers historically excluded from labor protections, like farmworkers and domestic workers

  • Adopt Equal Pay for Equal Work

  • Give workers an ownership stake in the companies they work for

  • Make corporations pay their fair share of taxes and close corporate tax loopholes

Good Jobs


  • Ensure veterans have access to affordable housing

  • Expand access to healthcare providers and coverage for treatment including mental health

  • Ensure access to workforce programs and good paying jobs after service

  • Provide services for transitioning back into civilian life

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


  • Revitalize and build new affordable housing

  • Crack down on discrimination against low-income renters

  • Stop unjust evictions

  • Curb rent increases

Rural Town.jpg

Rural America

  • Invest in revitalization of rural communities

  • Empower farmers, foresters, and ranchers to address climate change and protect ecosystems

  • Federal investment for broadband in rural areas and native communities


  • Work to make sure taxes in Oklahoma are fair and eqitable.

  • Ensure that the wealthy are not able to evade taxes by implementing strong enforcement policies

  • Tax companies with large wage gaps between their CEO and median worker pay progressively higher rates

Tax Refund.jpg
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